Laser Er:Yag & Nd:YAG


Superior Technology. Dentistry’s ONLY Digitally Pulsed Hard and Soft Tissue Laser

Almost 50 years of continuous research by an army of Fotona engineers and optical designers has culminated in the LightWalker lasers. This unique laser platform harnesses both “gold standard” laser wavelengths (Er;YAg and Nd;YAG) – LightWalker wavelengths are produced by solid crystal lasers that outperform diode lasers in terms of peak power, ablation efficiency, and range of pulse durations.

Rollan Wong Dental Laser 2

The Highest Laser Power – for the Fastest Working Speed

Up to 20 Watts of Er:YAG laser power provides an exceptionally wide range of fast, safe and effective treatment options. In addition to dental applications, LightWalker also offers the power and capability to provide a broad range of aesthetic treatments using the same laser system.

Ultimate Peak Powers – for Superior Effectiveness

Up to 1000 × higher pulse power compared to diode lasers provides for superior tissue selectivity and treatment effectiveness. Fast efficient cutting with unmatched patient comfort. No other lasers cut as fast as LightWalker lasers for hard and soft tissues.

Ablation speed: Er:YAG vs. high-speed dril and other lasers

Precise tissue surgery with simultaneous disinfection. The homogeneous absorption of the Nd:YAG laser in soft tissue results in precise tissue vaporization with up to 1000 x higher pulse power compared to other lasers to provide superior disinfection.

Disinfection power: Nd:YAG vs. other lasers

Variable Square Pulse (VSP) Technology

Light Years Ahead – Superior Pulse Control

Lightwaker is the only system in the world that provides practitioners with simple touchpad control of the widest variety of pulse length options to deliver energies packed in a range of short digital pulses (QSP, SSP, MSP, SP) used for cutting, ablating ; or a selection of longer digital pulses (LP, VLP) used for delivering more heat to target tissue which is selectively useful for effects such as coagulation or stabilization of the fibrin clot in periodontal pockets.

Just one example of Fotona’s technological expertise, is the patented VSP (Variable Square Pulse) technology. VSP allows clinicians to generate a controlled train of micro pulses inside a lager overall pulse to best control the efficacy and safety of treatments through the ability to create precisely controlled sequences of virtually square-shaped pulses. A nearly square pulse is the clinical advantage, equaling control over excess laser energy absorption into the non-target body tissues. VSP pulses avoid the slow rise and longer drop-off in pulse power that is typical of traditional pulsing technologies. The versatility, predictability and instantaneous power control of Fotona’s VSP technology elevates clinical confidence and provides immediate treatment utility.

Quantum Square Pulse (QSP)

Fotona’s QSP mode divides the longer pulse into several short pulses, following each other at an optimally fast rate to deliver short, high finesse pulses with the efficiency of longer laser pulses, BUT without sacrificing short pulse precision. Micro-digital control means laser pulses don’t intercept the hard-tissue debris. By being able to ablate more efficiently, the edges of individual craters are virtually straight, benefitting higher levels of precision with maximum tooth preservation in hard-tissue treatments.

The shape of ablated craters in dentin and enamel for the same Er:YAG pulse energy of 200 mJ at two pulse durations. During long pulse durations the ablation cloud has sufficient time to develop and scatter the incoming laser beam. During short pulses the ablation cloud does not have time to develop and the scattering is smaller.

Designed for the award-winning LightWalker AT dental laser, the new X-Runner™ handpiece enables routine hand movements to be fully automated, making it an ideal tool whenever deep, wide or precise cuts are required. With X-Runner, the shape and size of an ablation area can be selected in advance, providing a wide range of hard- and soft-tissue treatments, from standard cavity and veneer preparations to high-precision surgical and implantology procedures.

Samples of easily achievable scanning patterns in hard tissue drilling and cutting

Energy Feedback Control 

Online Energy Monitoring – for Safety Without Compromise

LightWalker systems come equipped with sophisticated laser pulse monitoring systems based on DET (Dual Energy-meter Technology) to assure 100% accuracy. Combined with Fotona’s EFC (Energy Feedback Control) technology it assures consistency of laser pulse output for unrivaled safety and peace of mind throughout the entire lifetime of the product