Dental Implants

Dental implants are the solution to extracted and missing teeth. Tiny, surgically-placed titanium posts bond the replacement teeth to the jawbone creating a strong, permanent foundation. Dental implants allow you to eat with no discomfort while preserving your facial structure and preventing bone deterioration in place of your missing tooth.

The surgical procedure

In most cases, dental implants require two separate procedures. The first involves an implant being placed into the jawbone. After 3 to 6 months, the implant will have gradually bonded with the jawbone. During this time, you can wear partial dentures if desired.

The second procedure involves attaching the custom-made prosthetic tooth to the anchor. The artificial tooth is moulded and formed during the time your implant is setting in. For most patients, disruptions to their daily lives are kept to a minimal throughout the procedure.

What type of prosthesis should I choose?

Dental implants can provide a permanent, identical replacement unlike dentures which are removable. Implants can only be removed by your dentist.

  • Crown – a single prosthetic tooth that is attached to an implant. Crowns are typically made of dental porcelain, a flawless replacement for your lost tooth.
  • Fixed Bridge – the ideal prosthesis for when you have 2 or more adjacent missing teeth that need to be replaced. A fixed bridge is a single piece that replaces multiple teeth, requiring a lesser amount of implants. A partial fixed bridge replaces a few missing teeth while a complete fixed bridge replaces all the teeth in the lower or upper jaw

How do I take care of implants?

Implants are simple to take care off and require no more additional effort than maintaining your teeth regularly. Brush your teeth and floss your gums as you would normally and be sure to keep up your regular cleaning appointments with us at least twice a year!